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We are a collective of storytellers who make content that moves people.

 iPondr Studios  produce rich and engaging multimedia stories for companies, organizations and brand partners.

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Rooted in the human-centered journalistic storytelling of iPondr, we put a face and name to your brand and tell the stories your audience cares about the most.

Women & the Economy - US Bank

Our Approach


Infuse real life into your brand
Our team of award-winning journalists and storytellers bring life to your stories using audio, video, narrative and photo formats that captivate your audience.

People and facts at the core
Our human-centered approach ensures that we keep people at the heart of your stories, always backed by data and facts as reported by our team of journalists.


Our Partners


Visual Stories

From documentary photo and high-quality video journalism to captivating animated explanatory films, we know the power of telling people‑driven stories. Partner with us to tell your stories in beautiful and captivating visual formats. 

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Audio Stories

Bring life to your stories through insightful, personal audio storytelling. Our team of award-winning audio producers have deep experience creating branded podcasts and programming.

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Monica Desai and Kami Ekins are two well-educated, highly skilled women — the kind of tale

Narrative Stories

Bring real-life to your brand and connect with audiences with reported narrative journalism that resonates. Told in iPondr’s unique voice, we partner with companies and organizations to help them tell the stories that matter most. 

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