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The Experience


Foster Empathy in Your Workplace 

Get access to streamlined topic guides, complete with thought-provoking questions, engaging stories and practical tips and tools. 

How It Works

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The Topics

Explore diverse viewpoints from a wide array of voices.
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  Gender and Sexuality  

Promote affirming, supportive dialogue around gender labels and language.

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  Race and Ethnicity  

Gain perspective on race and ethnicity through individual lived experiences.


  Health and Wellbeing  

Navigate the complex spectrum of mental and physical health.

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  Workplace Equity  

Uncover the challenges and obstacles that affect minority groups.

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  Life, Society  
  and Culture  

Deep dive into American values, realities and lifestyles.

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 Community and   Environment 

 Explore the relationship between communities and the environment.

The Stories

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Immersive, authentic, multimedia stories captured by our team of award-winning journalists foster empathy and compassion for the experiences of others. (6).gif (4).gif
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Audio Stories
Photo Stories
Narrative Stories

Surveys & Polls

Thoughtful questions ​ignite curiosity and encourage participation. Our surveys assess opinions, attitudes, and knowledge and reveal trends and change over time.
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Data & Insights

Quarterly reports help leaders understand engagement and participation as well as employee sentiment and knowledge-levels on specific topics.

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Science-Based Curriculum 

DEI experts shape our powerful learning tools.

Explanations and facts give context to stories that shed light on unique lived experiences.

Opportunities for engagement prompt self-reflection and group discussions.

The Science


Empathy is the key to making DEI efforts stick!  

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​Empathy can be


​Personal, human stories

build empathy 

Measure sentiment throughout your  journey

The ability to put oneself in the shoes of others is critical to the success of all DEI efforts.  


The good news? Empathy can be learned.  


Short, frequent exposure to personal stories and thoughtful learning tools is a proven path toward empathy building.

Understand employee sentiment and make your efforts towards change more effective.

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Infuse Empathy and Inclusion into your workplace with iPondr@Work 

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